Tips for Better Wedding Photographs

One of the few expenses that is well worth it is your wedding photographer. They are responsible for catching the magic of the day so you can relive it for the rest of your life and possibly even share it with your children and grandchildren some day. The following are few tips that will ensure you get the best photographs possible.

Tip #1: Book an engagement shoot

When interviewing photographers, many will offer a package deal for a wedding and an engagement shoot. It may be tempting to cut the engagement photos in an effort to save a few dollars, but you should really reconsider. The engagement shoot is a chance for the photographer to get to know you so that they can match their style to your energy. This will lead to more personal photographs on your actual wedding, since they will have already learned the best way to photograph you and your new spouse.

Tip #2: Make a list

This is not an extensive list. As a general rule, trust the photographer to find the best shots. You should make them a short list though if you have a few special requests, such as a specific shot you want taken – perhaps an heirloom shot that mimics one in your mother's wedding album or a shot that includes specific family members. This way your photographer knows to look for opportunities to get the shot or at least makes time to schedule the shot.

Tip #3: Consider the light

Lighting is key to good photography. For this reason, it's important to give your photographer a chance to tour the wedding and reception venue before the big day so they can get a feel for the light. Evening weddings can be more difficult to photograph due to poor lighting, so you may also want to ask your photographer for advice on adding to and improving the lighting during the ceremony. If possible, plan the wedding for daylight hours simply so you can avoid this challenge.

Tip #4: Spread out the group shots

There are usually a few group shots included in any package, and your photographer will ask you when you want them taken. Shots of the bridal and groom parties can be taken before the ceremony. This works well because both parties are usually all gathered together at this point and there is no need to round them up. Family and other group portraits are best reserved for after the ceremony but before the reception really gets going. At this point, family and close friends haven't yet spread out, and no one has gotten too far along in the celebration.