Confirm That Your Wedding Photographer Can Offer Photos With These Unique Effects

When you're discussing your photo package with a wedding photographer, there are several details that you'll need to go over so that you get what you expect in the weeks after your big day. Your wedding photographer will commonly give you a list of exactly what is included in your package, but you'll want to ask for some clarification about some types of photos. Many clients appreciate having at least some wedding photos that use eye-catching digital effects, so it's a good idea to confirm that your photographer can produce these images for you as part of your package. Here are some examples of photos that you might want.


While black-and-white photos are common in lots of wedding packages, you may also want to talk to your photography professional about the use of sepia images. Although they share some similarities, sepia and black and white are distinctly different. Sepia uses tones in the red and brown spectrums, and it can offer a particularly notable impact on certain images. You may even want to talk to your photographer about what specific images you'd like tweaked to appear in sepia.

Limited Color

Another photo effect to inquire about involves the use of limited color. This is another effect that can offer a significant impact. In such an image, the bulk of the photo is edited to appear in black and white, but one or more elements are left in color. For example, a photo of a bride might be entirely in black and white, but her floral bouquet will remain in its original colors. Or, an image of a groom might appear in black and white, but his corsage will be colorful. This effect takes a bit of extra work, so be sure that your photographer will include it in your photo package.


High-dynamic range photos are those that are highly colorful and can definitely stand out against conventional wedding photos. You won't want all of your wedding photos shot in HDR, but using this photo effect for certain images can be valuable. For example, wide-angle shots of the venue and photos of the vehicles that your wedding party is using can be particularly eye catching as HDR images.

It's common for wedding photographers to offer a variety of photo effects in their photography packages, but asking in advance about the photo effects that you desire is always a good idea. Contact a company like Alive Photography for additional information.