Having Your Newborn Photographed: How To Set Your Expectations To Get The Best Experience

You have this tiny little creature in your arms right now. He or she is the most precious thing in the world to you, and you want about fifty photos taken every second so that you never forget what your newborn baby looks like. Like many adoring parents, that is not uncommon, and you are likely to look for newborn baby photography services almost immediately. While the likes of Anne Geddes is probably way out of your price range and unreachable anyway, you should still set your expectations high for a new baby shoot when looking for your photographer. The following tips will help. 

Babies Do Not Cooperate

You will quickly discover (like most new parents) that babies are on their own schedule. They will not sleep when you want, they will not eat when you want, and they will fuss and cry far more than you expected them to. Taking that into consideration, your baby is not likely to cooperate well for a photo shoot. You will need to find your baby's sleeping and eating rhythm just to schedule a good time for pictures. Even then, bring lots of breast milk or formula to soothe the infant and feed him/her if he/she begins to fuss.

Photo Shoots Run Long Intentionally

Most baby photographers intentionally schedule three-hour windows for these sessions because it may take that long just to get the best results. Between trying to position your baby in cute and well-supported poses, and changing outfits and changing diapers, and falling asleep and fussing because the baby is tired or hungry, it is going to take time. Baby photographers may even have to schedule more than one long session with you if your baby does not want to cooperate at any point during the first session. 

Baby Photographers Have Props, But You Can Bring Others

A lot of parents are not aware that they can bring other backdrops and props with them into the professional's studio. Most photographers actually encourage this. They will have lots of backdrops and props themselves, but parents who bring in their own for a couple of the photos often find that they get the best and cutest results. Keep in mind that your baby cannot sit up without help, so bring only items the baby can snuggle, hold, curl into, lay on, lay in, etc.. Outfit choices are also up to you, and photographers generally do not supply baby clothes.