Three Ways To Use A Frame For Some Creative Wedding Photographs

One of the best ways for a wedding photographer to capture good images — which he or she can use for a portfolio to help get more clients — is to incorporate props. While there's value to setting up formal portraits and capturing candid shots throughout the big day, you should also plan on taking some props to the wedding that you can use in a variety of ways. A few frames can be valuable as props for a series of creative wedding photographs that will please the bride and groom, as well as anyone else involved in the photo shoot. [Read More]

Available Lighting At Your Wedding Site: Keep Your Photographer In Mind

Good wedding photographers often seem like they can make magic and produce beautiful wedding photos no matter what, but even the best photographers are often at the mercy of the available lighting. The sunlight or indoor lighting is often not that great, and photographers have to contort themselves to create conditions that are decent enough to produce a good photo. Remember, the photographer may have a few extra lights for still photos taken before the ceremony, but for those action shots taken during the ceremony and reception, the photographer is at the mercy of what's portable. [Read More]

Three Keys When You Are Renting A Photo Booth

To be certain that you are getting the most from your photo booth during an event, you'll need to choose a company that is stellar. A photo booth can revolutionize your next event, but it's important to get a better understanding of why and how. To learn more about what the benefits of a photo booth are, how to choose the best one for your event, and what you need to know about paying for this booth, read these tips below. [Read More]

Tips For Photographing A Company's Staff From The Sky

When you operate a drone for an aerial filming service, one of the jobs that you'll likely frequently be called upon to do is to photograph staff members from companies in your community. Many organizations love the idea of getting everyone together for a group photo, and one catchy way to do so is to have the staff gather outside the business and hire an aerial filming service to take a series of shots from overhead. [Read More]