2 Reasons To Purchase Your Child's Preschool Photos

When your child goes to preschool, it is likely that they are going to offer pictures at different times during the year. These pictures will be taken at the school, during school hours, and it is going to be up to you whether you would like to purchase them or not. Your child is going to be sent home with a sample photo, and at this time you can see how the pictures turned out and if you like them. If you decide that you don't love them, because your child's eyes are closed, they aren't smiling, you didn't know it was picture day and don't like what they are wearing and/or how their hair looks, then you can likely sign your child up to get retakes. However, it is ultimately a great idea to order the pictures of your child. This article is going to discuss 2 reasons why ordering the pictures can be such an awesome idea. 

You Choose The Photo Package

One reason why it is a great idea to order the preschool photos is because you get to choose what package of photos that you would like. The packages are going to come with different numbers of photos in different sizes. For example, a basic package may have one picture that is an 8 x 10, 2 pictures that are 5 x 7, 6 that are 4 x 6, and then 10 wallet-sized. The more advanced the package, the more pictures you are going to get in these different sizes. You may also have the option of ordering a CD that has all of your child's pictures on it as well, giving you the option of having them printed off yourself. They may even offer some great extras like magnets with your child's photo, key chains with your child's photo, calendars, and more. This allows you to spend exactly what you want on your child's photos and also get just what you want in terms of photos. 


Another awesome and very sentimental reason to order your child's preschool photos is simply for memories. You will be surprised how fast your children grow up and how quickly your memories mesh together into somewhat of a blur. Having photos can help you to remember things more clearly, and will also give you something to show your child as they get older so that they can remember that time in their life better as well. Having preschool photos allows you to capture their preschool years and treasure them forever. 

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