3 Tips For Good Product Photography

While taking photographs of people is an important and common practice, taking pictures of different products is something that is becoming just as popular. With so many items being sold online and advertised in magazines, it is very important that proper pictures are taken of these products. This can make it easier to sell the products, especially if they look appealing in the photographs. There are certain tips that you should take into consideration when you are photographing different products, and this article will discuss three of these tips in more detail.

Use Natural Lighting

One thing that you must understand is that artificial lighting is no substitute for natural lighting. When you are taking pictures of any type of product, whether it be food, clothes, books, etc., you will want to find a location that provides you with a great deal of natural light. This will help bring out the natural colors so much better, and will make the photograph much easier for you to edit when the time comes. Choosing to photograph your products outside, or near a window, are both excellent ways to bring a lot of natural light into your product photography.

Choose A Good Lens

When you are taking a picture of a product, this product is going to be the main focus. Because of this, you want to purchase a lens that allows you to focus directly on the object, and essentially blurs out anything in the background. This blurring effect in the background is known as bokeh, and can be achieved using the proper kind of lens. This lens will have a wide aperture, and is generally a fixed lens that can't be adjusted to zoom in or out manually. While this lens generally doesn't come standard with most cameras, and will need to be purchased separately, it is definitely an item that is well worth the purchase. 

Thank About Your Background

Because you don't want a lot of attention drawn into the background of the photo, you want to put a lot of time into choosing the right background for the particular product that you are shooting. For example, if you are taking pictures of camping supplies, you will want them in a natural outdoor setting, but you don't want the setting to overpower the product that you are selling. Choosing an outdoor setting, such as a location with trees and grass can help to create the perfect theme for the photograph, and the bokeh from your lens will help to create an excellent contrast between product and background. 

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