Three Ways To Use A Frame For Some Creative Wedding Photographs

One of the best ways for a wedding photographer to capture good images — which he or she can use for a portfolio to help get more clients — is to incorporate props. While there's value to setting up formal portraits and capturing candid shots throughout the big day, you should also plan on taking some props to the wedding that you can use in a variety of ways. A few frames can be valuable as props for a series of creative wedding photographs that will please the bride and groom, as well as anyone else involved in the photo shoot. Here are three ways to use a frame.

Bride And Groom Holding It

A fun way to incorporate a frame into your wedding shots is to have the bride and groom hold the frame in front of them and pose within it. You can shoot a wide range of images in this type of setup, including formal portrait-style images and some that are a little more relaxed, such as the bride and groom kissing each other while holding up the frame. Make sure to have your subjects stand in front of a picturesque background, as it will be visible not only through the frame in the background, but also on each side of it.

People Holding It At A Distance

Another variation on people holding the frame is to have two members of the family or bridal party hold the frame in the foreground, while a group of people gathers in the distance. For example, if you want to get a shot of the bride and groom with each family that attends the wedding, you could set up your shot so that the bride and groom are in the foreground holding the frame, and the family in question is standing together in the background, perfectly centered within the frame. You can shoot a variety of images with this type of idea, including children holding the frame for their parents.

Mirror Inside The Frame

While an empty, glass-free frame can make a perfect prop for your wedding photos, you should also consider taking a frame with a mirror inside it. This is another prop that you can use in a variety of ways. One approach is to set the frame on the ground near where the ceremony will take place, and then position yourself so that you can see the couple's feet in the mirror. At a creative angle, wait until the couple's toes are facing each other, and then shoot a photograph of the mirror.

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