4 Tips For Your Wedding Photography

One of the most important features of your wedding is the photography. Flowers wilt and memories fade, but the photos you take on your wedding day will continue to remind you of that wonderful day. If you are getting married soon and want to make the most out of your wedding photo shoot, check out these four tips to ensure your photos are exactly what you want.

Choose From the Same Vender

Many people choose to hire a videographer for the wedding. If this is the case, make sure you hire your photographer and videographer from the same vendor. For starts, you'll likely save money because the vendor may offer package discounts. However, money isn't the only factor to consider. Hiring people from the same vendor makes the entire process smoother.

This is largely because they work for the same company and have similar visions and styles, so the photos and the video complement each other. Another benefit to this is that they are likely more comfortable working together than with another vendor. Therefore, you and your wedding party don't have to handle arguments or disagreements.

Time Photo Sessions Properly

You have a lot to do during your wedding, and photo shoots are only part of it, so you need to ensure you time the photo sessions properly. For starters, calculate how much time you think you'll need. Your photographer will be able to help you estimate well before the wedding day. If you want a photo shoot before the wedding, such as the "first look" shot, ensure you plan enough time before the wedding so guests don't have to wait.

Consider how long it may take to get to each location. If you are getting married on a large property, you may want pictures taken everywhere, but walking back and forth wastes a lot of time. It's best to minimize your locations.

Create a Shot List

A shot list is just a list of photos you want taken, and it can help your photographer ensure you get what you want. This may include first-look photos, photos with specific family members, etc. However, keep in mind that you don't have time to take a professional photo with every guest. Instead, narrow it down to the most important, such as immediate family, grandparents, best friends, etc. Don't forget to include photos of décor that you want. For example, maybe you made your wedding cake yourself and want to show it off in the photos.

It's best to speak with your photographer before the wedding about your shot list. If possible, walk them through the property or site to show them where the photos should be taken. This gives them time to create a schedule so you don't lose the best light.

Try Before You Buy

Your photographer will likely have examples of photos for you to browse, but the best way to decide if a photographer is right for you is with some engagement photos. You'll get to know the photographer so you can see if their personality is right for your wedding. After the shoot, the photos will help you decide whether you like their work and want them for your big day.

Another benefit to getting engagement photos is that it gives you a chance to practice before the real day. Getting photos taken can be overwhelming for people who aren't used to it, and if you are overwhelmed at your wedding, your photos may not look the best. An engagement shoot gives you the practice of taking photo sessions and lets you see how you look in professional photos, so you'll know if you need to make changes for the wedding photos, such as doing your hair differently.  

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is an important step in planning your big day. The best way to decide if a photographer is right for you is with a pre-wedding shoot. For more information regarding wedding photography, contact a company like Eivan's Photos Inc. in your area today.